officially moving.

February 28, 2009

dearest earthlings, thank you for viewing my wordpress but I’m officially moving to blogspot.
please pay me a visit there, i’ll update my blog as much as i can. wheeee~
here’s the link again.
amanda please


thank you. ilys


blogspot yo.

February 23, 2009

My blogspot had never been touched.
but recently i updated, yay.

if you care then give my blogspot a click, then i’ll love you (:
my blogspot .


changmin is legal. yay.

February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Shim ChangMin, the maknae of TVXQ now had grown into a really really handsome young man, along with the beautiful, lovely voice. Not only that made me fall in love with you, I also love it when you smile, when your eyes go mismatched. It’s so adorable. >.-
I wish well and good health this 2009, I hope I can really meet you again on the upcoming Mirotic concert, I pray hard that we guys will come to Malaysia.

As usual, i made some art to celebrate his bday 😀

and this


all arts credits goes to me. thank you.

xo’s changmin

donghae is irresistible.

February 17, 2009

I love donghae’s baidu bar oh so much. It’s loaded with his pictures,  gawd i love those people who took them in such a HQ quality.

I am so random by blogging this post, it’s probably meaningless. But i can’t resist not to.


credits as tagged and donghae’s baidu.

he’s indescribable. jfhvhfdmahviufeadjcvlkdshvuilhasudkfhvunhvrdsiu
loves (:

Life is a maze.

February 16, 2009

I am just a little girl
Lost in the moment
I’m so scared
But don’t show it
I can’t figure it out
It’s bringing me down
I know

I’ve got to let it go
And just enjoy the show

Lenka’s The Show

EFF. I hate growing up, especially at this point where I have to make a decision of a life time and leave everything behind. People said being 17 is fun, honestly I DON’T THINK SO. I’m hacking scarred, of course moving into a city where I become a stranger. Everything around me are going to change once I leave KK, I must say i hate those feelings, but that’s life I don’t really have an option, growing up means being independent for once and try and take responsibility just for once. It’s major, but I have to try it somehow, I’d been depending on everyone around since I was born, just this once I hope I could make it through alive. I understand why my parents are so worried, mad and sad at the same time bout me leaving. But I promised myself that I have to at least try or I’ll never know what a cruel I’m in. And also I just don’t understand why I’m so hard to let go, not only my parents are worried, all the adults are, maybe it’s because of the word KL, it’s such a scary place. It doesn’t seem to be a big problem when my elder cousins left for study, but why me? WHY? Their worries made me feel so guilty for not obeying them. My life is crappy, but I’ll make the best I’d ever had. i used to think that I might bot survive when I’m in KL, but I will, I have to, I don’t really have an option. The first few months might be shitty, I just keep telling myself, someone is having a harder time than I am now in any corner of the world, and duude, CHILL. It’s so hard to tell my mom that’s she doesn’t have to worry, she’s extremely emotional bout stuff. She keep telling me stuff that make me feel so guilty for being her only child. whatever. I have to grow up, someway somehow.







oh i almost forgot


and lastly, just


everything will be okay.

(I don’t know hwo many zillion times i have to repeat this to myself)


we will never grow old.

February 15, 2009

Just got back from the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,it was a very different movie that i usually watch. So weird seeing someone gets hotter while they grow old. I also realize they rarely have any foul words in the movie, that’s a shocker.
Before, we got into the cinema, my dear friend Ryan, he bought the wrong tickets and wasted 42 dollars. I feel bad, but funny at the same time. Everyone was rushing except for Chris, Ryan and I, all the other 3 ladies were slightly late. And pity Chris he had to watch the movie for the second time. nyahhaaha.
Other than that, they were couples everywhere, like everywhere. screw.

so, good nights.
xo’s amanduhh

okay, so.. i just got home from IS talent night and my McD treat from andy.

Lexis, Chai Fen and I went to IS for their talent night, it was good. The main point we went there i sjust to support Nicole Lee, she sang chasing pavement by Adele, and it was amazing, it’s just that the mic totally downgraded her voice. Atleast IS’ mic was better my previous school’s. ANYWAYS she had a very loud crowd.
After that Lexis, Mira, Chris, Andy and I went to mcdonald, whee i got free burger.
and i can officially announce lexis has OMG-syndrome. She said OMg like none stooop.

okay, folks. gooood nighty.
happy vday. screw’em.

ps. 2mrw my single gang will go watch benjamin button yo.

I miss wonder girls, so muuuuch. I hope them best of luck in LA.
now, i’m going to do wonder picture spaaaaaaaam.


♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Wonder Jjang foooooooorever.






My wonderful journey with the wonder girls.

I first saw Wonder Girls when they first debuted, the Irony period, I was immediately impress by they talent, their dance and singing were really good. Something special bout them make them different from other korean girls groups. Each of them have different personality and looks. During that period I wasn’t that crazy bout them yet, i barely knwo their names, I only adore they songs. Very catchy song they have. After Irony, HyunAh from the wonder girls got replace by YooBin which i think attractes more fans with her sexy rapping voice and dark toned skin, since that I called her the sexy one, still haven’t know they name yet. But then Tell me, So Hot and Nobody came long, all those song was too addictive, I begin to grow on them more and more and more and more, ever since Tell Me period  i started to really love them. At that point I make wonder girls my favourite girl group (after spice girls). No other girl groups could rock like they do. Everything bout them is wonderful, their hair, their outfit are different everytime on stage, their personallity. And also i chose my favourite member, Sunmi and also YeEun.

Fun fact bout me loving wonder girls :

  • I know the dance steps to Nobody, except for Yoobin’s part.
  • Nobody is #2 on my iTunes 25 most played list, Saying I Love You is #3, So Hot is #7 and Tell Me is on #9. In total i have 6 of wonder girls songs on my 25 top played list.
  • I have 13 different version of  wonder girls’ Nobody.
  • I download they performance depends on their outfit
  • I always wanted SunMi’s hair colour.
  • I think sunmi is an alien from some planet to come to earth and trying to save it. LOLOLOL
  • I’m jealous of their loooong and skinny legs. And their curvy bods too.
  • I buy any magazine that has wonder girls on it. eventho its in chinese, i hardly read them.
  • I spread the wonder girls’ nobody sickness to most of my cousin 😀
  • I hate myself for not being in Singapore when wonder girls was there.
  • When wonder girls is on tv, i scream REALLY loud and start dancing.
  • My ringing tone was wonder girls’ nobody for 3 months.
  • Wonder girls should work with TVXQ someday.
  • I love sunmi’s weirdness.
  • I like sohee’s lips and height.
  • I like sunmi’s rapping in Move.
  • I love sunye’s leadership.
  • Sunmi and seungri is my favourite couple.

smha1 SunMi / MiMi                      ♥

I like SunMi because her personality is so loving, adorable, dorky, bubbly and she’s weird, i love that bout her. Ever since i watched wonder girls MTV reality show, immediately, i felt in love with her, she’s odd in a good way. And her smile, and that cat eyes she has, it’s all so pretty. It’s not just that, when it comes to her singing, she nailed it beautifully. During Irony her voice was rough, then on Tell Me her voice totally changed, she improved a lot. And also her dancing skill, she look like those cutey cutey but once she get her feel on the stage, she dance sexily. Its like she’s been tranform into another person. yay, sunmi.  Other than that, behind that lovely smile their a story that few people know bout her, and it inspired me. Her dad passed away when she was young, and look at her now… wow.

As for Sun Mi, her childhood is about the same as Sun Ye. Most will have visuals of Sun Mi growing up in a well-to-do family because she always gives the impression that she has a great childhood. But it’s not like that actually. Sun Mi’s father passed away when she was little and she lived in the rural area with her mum and elder brother. As life was difficult, she often had to pass on the chance to come to Seoul for study. This meant that Sun Mi grew up in a single-parent family but her character is so outgoing, bubbly and always optimistic. But you do feel that there is some hurt from Sun Mi which you won’t really feel it most of the times which shows how good she is at hiding it. This probably explains her weird 4-dimensional behavior and always seeking attention. credit : and sunmi’s baidu & coolsmurf/wonergirls wp. See… isn’t that amazing, see where’s sunmi standing now, someone should give thsi girl a pat on the back. Sunmi ah ~ fighting fighting. Haha, i’m a unnie to sunmi and might be her biggest malaysian fans.

yeeun2222222222Next is YeEun/ Park Oppa                             ♥

Park YeEun is such a beautiful, talented, out-going and loving person. She is like my ultimate idol, she’s also a really good role-model to the young wonderfuls. Her study her butt off to make her dream come true. I have another short article taht i found on coolsmurf’s wp.

And Ye Eun, her examination results has always placed her in the top 10 in school. Her parents had reservations about her becoming a singer and objected to it. This was because the status of a singer in Korea is relatively low but she was determined to become one.

See, i wanna be like her. She’s like a top student in her school and she’s now taking up course in college, some korean female artist prefer not to. She is also beyond beautiful in and out, although she’s not the leader, she plays her role as the oldest member, she takes good care bout the other members and during interview sunye and ye eun usually answer the question. Just like teh recent one they had in the grammy artist-nomineed. Her english is so fluent, it sounded better than mine. I feel ashamed.  Her voice sounds so beautiful on stage and off stage, her voice works miracle.  I think she’s very talented too, when she wrote saying i love you, i read teh translation, it was so lovely, and the melody to teh sounds just spelled awesome. I also liked that she has a sense of humor.  She might be teh last to join wonder girls but i think she catch up really fast.

yoobinni7932lq6oYooBin YooBin Kim YooBin         ♥

This sexy, dark-toned girl captured alot of people’s attention once she entered wonder girls. Including me, i was so curious bout her during tell me period, my first impression on her was she was too sexy for wonder girls, the moment i listen to her rapping, in my mind i was like wow,  it’s so different from the other rappers and the other member of wonder girls. I first thought she was those who just keep quite during a interview, after after seeing her in interview and wonder girls mtv show, i liked her, she is far from my expectation. She was a relaly fun, outgoing girl. She was bonding with the members reallt quickly. I also adore that she had such sexy legs and voice. I hope one day she knows how much Kelly Yong adores her. like A LOT.

suuuuuunyeLeader Min Sunye             ♥

She is amaaaaaaaazing. She has a bright smile and she is very caring, it doesn’t matter to the fans or the other members. She came a long way to be this good, she’s been training in JYP for six years and finally debuted. She worked really hard for everything, also there’s a story behind this great leader.

Sun Ye’s childhood is quite known to most Wonder Girls fans. She lived with her granny since she was a kid and then learned that her mother passed away a long time ago while her dad didn’t really take care of her. She sees her grandparents as her real parents instead. You could feel her pain when she mentioned on Wonderful Outing about her grandfather who passed away without waiting for her. But she had willpower and endurance as she toughed it out for six years in training before finally debuting. cr : sunmi’s baidu & coolsmurf

Her story is really very touching and inspiring to all. She stayed strong. And i adore her and her leadership, i wish to have a older sister like her.

soheeeeLast but not least, mangnae SoHee            ♥

Mandoo face cuttey, Sohee is one of the youngest and most talented people i had ever seen. She’s a model, actress, flawless dancer and best of all se’s a wonder girl.

I think she has a big future ahead of her, she might end up being a huge movie star. Although she’s quit during most of the interview, but she’s a showstopper when she’s on stage, remember her dancing beyonce’s freakum dress? i was wowed.

all pictures credits are on me (:

xo’s peace

Toooooooday, went to Tuaran again, to put up candles for my grandpa’s 21st death anniversary. I lighted 2 red candle (: And also i bought 命中注定我愛你 dvd, i heard the feedback for the drama was good, hope i wasn’t fooled. Watching episode 5 now, so far so goood. And also I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy episode 14. wheee.
But i was unlucky today, i drop my phone T___T Got scratches.
Second thing is 2 of my finger got ‘jepit’ in the window, the window was spoiled and i couldn’t close, so i got angry and pull it and my finger bleed. sighs.
Darn those fireworks, they are everywhere. Geez.


currently listening to : Taylor Swift – White Horse

what a saturday!!

February 9, 2009

I am posting about yesterday’s stuff.
OKAY, so… Chai Fen, Lexis and I went to Tshung Tsin’s sport day at 11am, it was a big mistake, outsider like Lexis and I was unseen there. But we met up with some friends, Nur.. kecil kecil cili padi, Nur is fuuuuuuuuuuun, Nicole, and also some of my school mates. I was so happy to see them, i seriously miss ’em.
So we wasted time chatting, and when the events are bout to start, we got out of the place. LOLzers.
Yeshh, we went to Centre Point and we meet of my kawan lama. woooots. Ryan and Angelene. We ate japanese AGAIN. who cares? i loved it 😀
After that, lexis join my aunty, cousin and i for movie. Bride Wars, wowzers alert!! that movie was faweeeeeesome, i love the movie. I cried *sniff sniff*
Finally, we grabbed some food and head home, lexis and I watched GG episode 17, and I HATE DAN. how effing stupid is he to like errr.. i don’t know THINK? wtf is he doing hooking up with his history teacher, i notice he fall for every girl that comes in his way, except for Blair. hhahah. I feel bad for Serena, poor her. Can’t wait for the next episode.

Btw, i am looking for apartment for rent in subang jaya, i nearly search the whole google for that and i got nothing that suits me. motherf! (emma’s line:D)

tomooooorrow going to Tuaran again. yay Tuaran soto.


wth, this post was in my draft all in this time.